Himalayan Project

Himalayan Hermitages for Women

Khandro-la is responsible for her spiritual lineage. She has a small hermitage already in Sani, Zanskar and in the future promises to manifest other hermitages for women in the areas of need, especially where her father taught. Pangi, another remote Himalayan community will be the next such hermitage. The emphasis is on low key, aesthetic communities that purely hold the yogic tradition of Shakya Shri. A long established hermitage of women that Khachodling supports is in Lahoul. Khachodling also supports many older yogic practitioners in the Himalayas, who have been long time students of this lineage.

Himalayan Project
Himalayan Project

Medical Services for the Himalayas

Eye Restoration for Nomads – since 2007 Khachodling provides an annual eye care camp for remote nomads at Lake Tsomoiriri, Ladakh. Focus is now on also training locals to act as “barefoot nurses”

East-West Hospital at Mulbeck, Ladakh – to provide much needed new premises for Khachodling’s amchi (traditional doctor) as well as general and specialist services for western medicine (pathology, xray and ultrasound as well as women’s, paediatric, eye and dental clinics).

Education of Children and Youth

Khachodling has begun to provide education grants to needy young people whose families, due to isolation and poverty, have been unable to provide them with good modern style education.

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