Khachodling – project of Khandro Trinlay Chodon

Khachodling’s inner meaning is that wisdom is the ground from which compassion radiates. The Khachodling vision therefore manifests as different projects in the service of humanity.

Khachodling and Khandro-la help for children
Khachodling and Khandro-la help for children

We, from many different walks of life, galvanise together in the spirit of wisdom and care, and engage in these projects that are guided by Khandro-la, with the motivation and action for the deepest benefit. In this way Khachodling is dharma in action.

The guiding principles of a Khachodling project are the genuine teachings of the unbroken lineage of Lord Buddha.

In particular Khachodling projects are:

  • Tibetan Buddhism Spiritually rooted in the Drukpa Kargyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and infused with bodhicitta.
  • Self Sustainable.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Dialogue and action is based on mutual respect and love.
    Especially between communities that are
    lay / monastic, east / west, women / men.

The majority of Khachodling projects in the East take place in the Indian Himalayas.

Children and Khandro-la Rinpoche
Cildren and Khandro-la Rinpoche

Khandro-la’s family lineage is deeply respected especially in this region and Khandro-la herself was born there. Khachodling aims to provide spiritual and humanitarian services to these people. Their culture is becoming extinct. Modernisation affects these areas and its remoteness and lack of services mean that it is increasingly difficult to maintain valuable ancient traditions. Khachodling focuses on respecting these cultures and due to Khandro-la’s long revered association with these areas Khachodling is in a unique position to be able to provide respected and relevant services.

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