Gegen Rinpoche

Gegen Khyentse Rinpoche

Gegen Rinpoche
Gegen Rinpoche

Gegen Khyentse Rinpoche possessed the perfect qualities of a true yogi. He was always so submissive and humble in whatever he did. He displayed all the teachings in his actions.

Lama Gegen Khyentse Rinpoche (1913-1998) was a disciple of Tripon Pema Chogyal and a great yogi. Born in southern Tibet, he basically was the son of a most important personal assistant to the 10th Gyalwang Drukpa. After himself serving his country as the General Secretary to the Ministry of Administration for many years, he went for continuous retreat under the guidance of the great master Tripon Pema Chogyel, with no attachment to his position within the society. He served his master with his full-hearted practice of Mahamudra. After Great Master Tripon Pema Chogyel’s parinirvana, Khyenste continued his retreat under the guidance of Apo Rinpoche. He became a renowned Mahamudra guru who served and guided the students and disciple of Apho Rinpoche in Manali as well as in the northern Indian Himalayas, especially Lahoul, Ladakh, Kinnaur, etc.

Since the sad departure of Gen Khyentse, Sey Rinpoche undertook to develop his own activities and to give teachings and guidance to his Gurus followers in the Drukpa Lineage tradition, taking care of the Manali Monastery and assisting all the retreat centers founded by his father in the northern Indian Himalayas. Sey Rinpoche particularly bestows the transmission of the Six Yogas of Naropa to retreatants. He is also especially known for his phowa, or the teachings on transfer of consciousness. As the modern world changes in a fast pace, His Eminence has undertaken the task to fulfill growing needs in the remote Himalyan areas which are under his spiritual guidance and so, is also expending his humanitarian activities, especially in the Pangi region.

Gegen Khyentse Rinpoche (1913-1998)

Gegen Rinpoche and Khandro-la Rinpoche
Gegen Rinpoche and Khandro-la Rinpoche

Gegen Khyentse Rinpoche possessed the perfect qualities of a true yogi. He was always so submissive and humble in whatever he did. He displayed all the teachings in his actions. I was fortunate to grow up in his lap hearing the stories of Milarepa, Guru Rinpoche and those of the renowned masters of the past. Under his guidance I did the preliminary practices and received all the Mahamudra teachings in a very personal way. I lost my father when I was very young and sometimes I saw him as my godfather and sometimes as Buddha. He is and always will be the most inspiring person on the earth for me.

The great yogi, Gen Khyentse Gyatso is recognized as a guru of Mahamudra. I have not been able to put together his biography in detail at the moment, however, I would love to share with you some of the extraordinary experiences that I have had with him. Even when we played at the beautiful days from the past gave me a lot of clarity. His amazing gift was amazing.

Basically he was my main seat, the sangha Choeling, in the south of Tibet and the son of the most important personal assistant to the Tenth Gyalwang Drukpa. It is not surprising that the Tenth Drukpa has given you the name of LOVING WISDOM. He completed his monastic education normal, miraculously. Had a great, and easy as pie way to learn, a way that no common she could understand. According to some of our old monks, Khyentse, being a novice, I was constantly in meditation while I was going through these learning processes. Not like some of us that we need to invest a large amount of intellectual effort mundane to learn. I think I was discovering and getting this education is worldly through his state indestructible of meditative awareness. However, after his graduation, he served as Secretary-General of the Secretariat of Administration for many years and was also the most important and beloved of the community, both monks and lay people, although I was still a teenager. However, after carrying out some mundane activities for the sake of the common people that was present there, Khyentse went retreat continued under the guidance of the great master Tripon Pema Chogyal, without any attachment to his fame or worship in the society. He served his master with his practice of Mahamudra, full of sincerity. After the parinirvana of the great master Tripon Pema Chogyal, he continued his retreat under the guidance of the great master made Apo Rinpoche, who was the grandson of mahasiddha Shakya Shri.

When I say “retreat,” in your case is a complete form of withdrawal, 24 hours a day, twelve months a year. Unlike the rest of us, the mind is luminous Mahamudra ‘ is extremely fantastic, regardless of what you are doing, wherever you are, without distracting from the meditative state of mind, maintaining the communication with all very effective and warm. I know that is not to be judged by a person like me, but as I’ve had several opportunities to be near him and receive multiple transmissions of Mahamudra, lately I can not stop thinking about him and admire his eyes bright and deep, resting in his true nature (Mahamudra), ¡as they were when he was involved in their activities the teaching of the Dharma and common conversation, and so on!! Not like many of us that we have difficulty in matching simultaneously the activities with the practice! He was always available to the people around him, with all his sense of humor, due to his kindness and compassion are infinite.

When I was 14 years old, I had the opportunity to be with him a few times and it was most dear to me, basically because always he’d come up with ideas to make me laugh infinitely. And not only that, but he did miracles as to hide things that were in my hands seconds before or asking me to go to the other room to do whatever I wanted, but when he returned, he told me exactly what I had done, as if he had been with me. Also, I could predict the weather exactly the days to come, while we we were betting with humor, not seriously. When she asked me how I was doing and how I knew it, I always answer, “Well, nothing is a trick that I learned of guy” and smiled. I think I was a bit silly and would believe him and took him as he said. Lately, when I remember, everything I became convinced that it was a performance by divine, along with your loving kindness and entertaining humility to me. Well, these are some of my experiences limited. I feel sad to write these things because when the precious teachers were so kind to be available for us to see, touch, communicate with them and listen to their teachings, even through the break, joking, playing, and everything else, guiding us constantly, we do not appreciate his love and the divine message until after.

Like other teachers, after that benefited many through in the region of the Himalayas with its divine teachings on the mind and Mahamudra, left us all behind and it dissolved in his own great nature, Nirvana.