About Us

We are a group of interested and active individuals who wish to put their only in order to maintain and support in the development of all the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism), both old and new lines, including the tradition of yogis — Shakya Sri, which combines the special and secret teachings of Tantra.

We do not divide and do not discriminate against people according to their preferences or interests (sex, age, nationality, social status, intellectual abilities etc), as we understand that this is a purely personal sphere of life, which should not concern us at the present time, because life is so short and no time for pettiness.

We wish all living beings of goodness and light, development and enlightenment, so all of our actions and the motivation originally directed to these high Mahayana results.

We are primarily a group of like-minded people who came into this world for one purpose — to make it better, prettier, nicer, and also make it happier. After all, this is the goal of our Association as Togdens to devote to your spiritual development for the benefit of others.

If you are interested in the Buddhist practice of the Dharma of Sutra and Tantra, then you can turn to the pages of our blog and also pass on the links to see General answers to basic questions.

The main objective and strategy of development of the centers of Shakya Shri is reduced to only one maintaining a living tradition of yogic practices (drubchen, TOKTEN, Ngagpa, naljor), which exists on several levels.

There are two kinds of Buddhist yogis, the laity and the monks.

For the monks observe the rules of the ge-long (bhikshu), and for laity, the observance of the 5 basic vows, Vajrayana vows and bodhisattva’s.


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