The Four Things

The Four Things Difficult To Accomplish


A Song of Instruction Based on Shakya Shri’s Experience

IF YOU DON’T HAVE fervent, tearful devotion
Toward the Father, Union of all Buddhas, Lord of the families,
Who grants manifold, profound and essential teachings,
Even though you try to persevere in practice,

I know it will be hard to see that your mind is the real buddha.
Though you apply the outer techniques of channels and winds
And make the short A of the inner fire blaze,

If you have not gained control of the relative vital essence,
I know it will be hard to realize the nature of the four joys as
your own state.

Though you may be proficient in yantras that dispel outer

If you do not apply the essential points of Varahi’s clear empty
And are unable to pull up and spread the vital essence,
Indeed, I know, it will be hard to gain the qualities that spring
from inner heat.

If, though seeing the true nature or real condition of the mind,
You lack devotion toward the enlightened Master,
And are unable to use the understanding of emptiness on the

I know it will be hard to realize your own mind as the buddha.

O, fortunate ones, make good use of these mad words, which
Point out the four things that are hard to accomplish.


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