Imi Drupten

Lama Imi Drupten

Khandro-la Trinlay Chodon Rinpoche and Imi Trubten and Sey Rinpoche
Khandro-la Trinlay Chodon Rinpoche and Imi Drubten and Sey Rinpoche

Imi Drupten (1927-present)

Imi-la has been an attendant to my father (Apho Rinpoche) since the age of 15. Like Gegen Rinpoche, my guru, Imi-la has remained with our family during even the most difficult times. They each served our family with genuine unwavering devotion. I always remember Gegen, Ama-la and Imi supporting each other to keep the family and the lineage intact after the early passing of my father. Imi-la is now the only one still living and pursuing his service even at an elderly age. I am always so inspired by his deep and pure love. Even though he calls himself a servant of our family he is a scholar, ritual master, astrologer and expert herbalist. He is well known for his incense making and statue filling. He is like the backbone of our family and we all love and respect him.

“Precious Emi-La, always serving dharma with no expectations – I want you to be like him. Humility, service and joy is his path.

Always happy and have abundance and fearless! I am rejoicing in him and enjoy serving him!”


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